What Is Craft Beer Examples?

Craft beer examples include IPAs, stouts, lagers, and sours. These beer styles showcase the creativity and diversity of the craft beer industry, offering unique flavors and experiences for beer enthusiasts.

Are you curious about the diverse range of craft beer examples that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of independent breweries?

From classic lagers to innovative specialty beers, the world of craft beer offers a wide array of styles and flavors to explore.

But what sets these beers apart and makes them worthy of attention?

Let's delve into the characteristics and distinctions of some popular craft beer examples, shedding light on the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of craft brewing.

Key Takeaways

  • American Lager, Vienna Lager, German Pilsner, and Helles are popular craft beer styles known for their light and crisp taste.
  • Japanese Rice Lager offers a unique brewing process using rice, resulting in a light and clean taste with subtle sweetness.
  • Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, and Farmhouse Ales provide subtle malt profiles and fruity flavors, perfect for social gatherings.
  • Hefeweizen is a popular German wheat beer with a cloudy appearance, distinctive flavors of banana and clove, and a refreshing character, ideal for summer.

American Lager

American Lager is a classic beer known for its light and malty taste, making it inherently drinkable with a clean and crisp flavor profile. This style of beer has a rich history in American craft brewing, playing a significant role in the craft beer industry. Breweries across the country have embraced the tradition of American lagers, often using lager yeast and drawing inspiration from German pilsners. Notable examples include Anchor Steam Beer and Six Point Brewery's 'The Crisp,' which showcase the characteristic lightness and malty flavors of American lagers.

The American lager has become a staple in the American craft brewing scene, offering a refreshing alternative to other types of beer. With its approachable taste and widespread availability, it has garnered a loyal following among beer enthusiasts. Its clean and crisp profile makes it a popular choice for various occasions, from casual gatherings to outdoor events.

Whether you're new to craft beer or a seasoned aficionado, American lager is a timeless classic that continues to hold a special place in the hearts of beer lovers.

Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager, with its smooth, malty character and balanced hop notes, offers a rich and toasty flavor profile with a clean finish. This style originated in Vienna, Austria, but has found a new home in the craft brewing scene in the United States.

Craft breweries have embraced Vienna Lager for its amber color and versatile taste. The brewing process typically involves the use of pale ales and American wheat, resulting in a medium-bodied beer with moderate bitterness and a slightly sweet, caramel-like taste.

Vienna Lager's popularity in American breweries showcases the dynamic nature of beer culture, where traditional styles are adapted and celebrated. Beer experts appreciate its well-balanced nature and clean, crisp finish. The use of ale yeast in the fermentation process contributes to its smooth, malty character.

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Notable examples of Vienna Lager, such as Dos Equis Amber Lager and Devils Backbone Vienna Lager, have further propelled this style into the spotlight of craft beer, demonstrating its enduring appeal and adaptability within the industry.

Japanese Rice Lager

With its origins rooted in Austria, the Vienna Lager has made a name for itself in the craft beer world, but now let's pivot our focus to a distinct beer style known as Japanese Rice Lager.

Craft brewing has seen a surge in popularity of this beer style due to its unique use of rice in the brewing process. Craft beer drinkers are drawn to Japanese Rice Lager for its light and clean taste, characterized by a crisp and refreshing flavor profile with a subtle sweetness from the rice.

This beer style, with its light body and dry finish, has become a popular choice for those seeking a smooth and easy-drinking beer. Japanese Rice Lager is known for its versatility in pairing with a wide range of Asian cuisines and dishes.

With the rise of American craft beer, breweries in the U.S. have also been experimenting with this beer style, with notable examples such as Sierra Nevada Brewing incorporating Japanese Rice Lager into their lineup alongside their iconic American pale ales and IPAs such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

German Pilsner

Characterized by its pale golden color and prominent hop aroma, German Pilsner is a classic and refreshing lager beer known for its clean, crisp taste. This craft beer is a popular choice for those seeking a light yet flavorful option with a touch of bitterness.

German Pilsners are celebrated for their balanced bitterness and dry, refreshing finish, making them a favorite among beer enthusiasts. Originating in Germany, this style of beer is renowned for its high carbonation and effervescence, adding to its refreshing nature.

The brewing of German Pilsners involves a meticulous process to ensure that the beer achieves the desired flavors and characteristics. While the alcohol content of German Pilsners can vary, they generally offer a moderate level of alcohol, contributing to their sessionable nature.

Notable examples of German Pilsners include Victory Prima Pils, which has garnered acclaim for its adherence to the traditional style, delivering a delightful hoppy flavor while maintaining a clean and crisp profile.

If you enjoy pale ales, India Pale Ales, or German hefeweizens, exploring German Pilsners can offer a new and satisfying experience within the diverse world of craft beers.


Helles, a German lager with a bright, golden color and a balanced maltiness, is known for its clean, crisp, and refreshing taste that makes it highly drinkable. Craft beer enthusiasts appreciate its subtle hop bitterness, which contributes to a delicate and well-rounded flavor profile.

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Brewed in Munich, this classic Bavarian beer style offers a smooth, malt-forward character that appeals to those seeking a lighter yet flavorful lager experience. Helles is a true craft beer, embodying the dedication to quality and tradition that defines the craft beer movement.

Its light color and refreshing taste make it a standout among the various types of craft beer available. The Boston Beer Company, known for its commitment to brewing innovative and high-quality craft beers, has also recognized the appeal of Helles, incorporating this style into its portfolio of exceptional brews.

If you're looking to explore new dimensions of craft beer, Helles is a prime example of a thoughtfully crafted, true-to-style lager that's both approachable and satisfying.


If you appreciate the clean and crisp qualities of Helles, you'll find the pale, clear, and refreshing characteristics of Kolsch to be equally satisfying. Kolsch is a craft beer example that originates from Cologne, Germany, and is a popular style in the craft beer scene due to its unique brewing process and flavors. It is a top-fermented ale that undergoes cold-conditioning, resulting in a smooth and balanced taste. The beer is known for its clean malt sweetness, subtle hop bitterness, and a slightly fruity aroma, making it a versatile and approachable choice for many beer enthusiasts. Kolsch is often served in a slender, cylindrical 200ml glass called a 'Stange' to showcase its clarity and effervescence, adding to the overall drinking experience. Its sessionability makes it a great option for warm weather or social gatherings. Check out the table below for a quick comparison of Kolsch with other beer styles.

Beer StyleOriginFermentation
KolschCologne, GermanyAle yeast, cold-conditioned
Pale AleEnglandTop-fermented
Sour BeerBelgiumMixed fermentation

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of craft beer available, each offering unique flavors and characteristics. Whether it's a small brewery experimenting with American hops or a traditional brewery crafting classic ales, the world of craft beer has something for every palate.

Cream Ale

Craft beer enthusiasts savor the unique blend of lager crispness and ale complexity found in Cream Ale, making it a sought-after choice in the American craft beer scene.

If you're a fan of craft beer, here's why Cream Ale should be on your radar:

  • Smooth and easy to drink, making it a great option for both seasoned beer lovers and newcomers to the craft beer scene.
  • Offers a wide variety of bold flavors, from subtle malt profiles to fruity flavors, providing something for every palate.
  • Perfect for enjoying at a brewery or as a refreshing choice for social gatherings.
  • Strikes a balance between the drinkability of lagers and the more complex characteristics of pale ales.
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Cream Ale's light body and clean finish make it an excellent choice for those seeking a flavorful yet approachable craft beer. Whether you're exploring different beer styles or simply looking for a satisfying brew, Cream Ale deserves a spot on your list of craft beer examples to try.

Blonde Ale

Coming from the realm of Cream Ale, the Blonde Ale offers a new dimension of light, refreshing flavors and a versatile drinking experience for craft beer enthusiasts.

Craft Beer Examples of Blonde Ale include New Belgium La Folie, a Belgian-style brown ale with tart flavors, and Samuel Adams Boston Lager, a classic Vienna lager with a malty sweetness. These Craft Ales provide a contrast to the bold and hoppy characteristics of West Coast ales, showcasing a more balanced and approachable flavor profile.

Blonde Ales like Dales Pale Ale from Oskar Blues Brewery and Heady Topper from The Alchemist are popular choices for their easy-drinking nature and smooth malt sweetness. Craft Beer Examples also include farmhouse ales, like Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont, which offer a rustic and complex take on the Blonde Ale style.

With its pale and golden color, clean taste, and subtle malt sweetness, Blonde Ale is a versatile option for those seeking a more nuanced and flavorful craft beer experience.


A popular German wheat beer known for its cloudy appearance and distinctive flavors of banana and clove is the Hefeweizen. Hefeweizen is a craft beer that has gained popularity for its refreshing and light character, making it a favorite during the summer months. This style is often unfiltered, resulting in a hazy appearance and a rich, creamy texture, providing a unique drinking experience. Hefeweizen is typically brewed with a significant portion of malted wheat, contributing to its light and refreshing taste. It's often served with a slice of lemon to complement its already fruity and spicy aroma.

  • Hefeweizen is a popular summer beer due to its light body and refreshing taste.
  • This style is often unfiltered, resulting in a hazy appearance and a rich, creamy texture.
  • It's typically brewed with a significant portion of malted wheat, contributing to its light and refreshing character.
  • Hefeweizen is often served with a slice of lemon to complement its already fruity and spicy aroma.

Craft breweries such as Tree House Brewing, Goose Island, Dogfish Head 90 Minute, New England, Widmer Brothers, Floyds Brewing, and Shock Top are known for producing exceptional Hefeweizen, offering beer enthusiasts a wide range of options to explore.