What Size Kegs Does Craft Beer Come In?

Unravel the mystery of craft beer keg sizes with diverse options to suit every pour - find your perfect match!

If you've ever felt like Goldilocks searching for the perfect fit, finding the right keg size for your craft beer needs can make you feel like you've struck liquid gold.

From the dainty mini kegs to the hefty Half Barrel options, the range is as diverse as the brews themselves.

But before you envision yourself tapping into your ideal keg, understanding the sizes and capacities can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth pour.

So, let's unravel the mystery behind the various keg dimensions and find the perfect match for your next beer-centric endeavor.

Key Takeaways

  • Cornelius Kegs for homebrewing, Mini Kegs for small gatherings, Sixth Barrel for events, and Half Barrel Kegs for parties.
  • Serving capacities vary: Sixth Barrel holds 42 pints, Quarter Barrel serves 62 pints, and Half Barrel offers 124 pints.
  • Canadian keg sizes include Sixth Barrel, Half Barrel, and Quarter Barrel, catering to different consumption needs.
  • European keg sizes range from 20 to 50 liters, with 11 and 22 gallon kegs available, meeting diverse demands.

Cornelius Keg Size

If you're a homebrewing enthusiast looking for a compact and efficient way to store and enjoy your craft beer creations, the Cornelius keg size of 5 gallons might just be your perfect match. With the capacity to hold around 40 pints of your carefully brewed beer, this Cornelius keg offers a convenient solution for your homebrewing needs. Measuring about 23 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter, these kegs are designed to fit well into your home setup, making them ideal for small-scale brewing projects.

Cornelius kegs aren't only compatible with various home draft beer systems but are also easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort so you can focus on perfecting your brews. The compact size and manageable weight of these kegs make them a popular choice among homebrewers who value practicality and convenience in their brewing process. Whether you're just starting out or have been honing your craft for years, the Cornelius keg in 5-gallon size is a reliable companion for your brewing adventures.

Mini Keg Size

As you explore the world of craft beer keg sizes, the Mini Keg offers a convenient and portable option for enjoying your favorite brews in smaller gatherings or special occasions. Here are some key points about Mini Kegs:

  1. Size: Mini kegs typically hold 5 liters of craft beer, which is around 169 fluid ounces, providing enough for a small group to enjoy.
  2. Convenience: These portable kegs are perfect for picnics or one-time events where you want to savor a variety of craft beers without the need for a full-size keg.
  3. Home Draft Systems: Mini kegs are often used with mini kegerators, making it easy to have a home draft beer system for a fresh pour every time.
  4. Serving: A single mini keg usually contains about 9 to 10 12-ounce servings of craft beer, allowing everyone to taste and enjoy different styles.

Mini kegs are a fantastic choice for those looking to explore various craft beer options in a convenient and manageable way.

Sixth Barrel Keg Size

Embrace the essence of craft beer culture with the vibrant Sixth Barrel Keg Size, a versatile option for serving your favorite brews at events and personal gatherings.

Holding approximately 5.16 gallons of craft beer, Sixth Barrel Kegs are slightly larger than Cornelius kegs, offering around 105 pints or 140 cans for sharing the goodness of craft beers.

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These kegs stand at about 23⅜ inches in height with a diameter of 9¼ inches, making them a convenient choice for bars, restaurants, and personal kegerator setups.

To tap into the delicious contents of a Sixth Barrel Keg, a keg coupler is essential for proper connection and dispensing.

Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a casual get-together, the Sixth Barrel Keg Size ensures you have a barrel of beer ready to flow, enhancing the experience with every pour.

Half Barrel Keg Size

Unlock the potential of the Half Barrel Keg Size, a powerhouse in the craft beer world, boasting a capacity of 15.5 gallons for your next big celebration. Here's why you should consider this size for your event:

  1. Versatile Capacity: With 15.5 gallons of craft beer, a Half Barrel Keg can quench the thirst of approximately 124 pints or 165 cans, making it ideal for medium to large gatherings.
  2. Space-Efficient Dimensions: Standing at around 23⅜ inches in height and 16⅛ inches in diameter, this keg size fits well in most kegerators or coolers, maximizing space efficiency at your event.
  3. Perfect for Events: The Half Barrel Keg's large beer capacity and efficient dispensing make it a popular choice for parties, weddings, and other events where a continuous flow of craft beer is essential.
  4. Manageable Weight: Weighing around 160 pounds when filled, the Half Barrel Keg is sturdy enough to stay put while being light enough for easy handling during setup and serving.

Choose the Half Barrel Keg size for your next event to ensure a smooth flow of craft beer throughout the celebration.

Quarter Barrel Keg Size

Discover the Quarter Barrel Keg Size, a versatile option for those seeking a moderate amount of craft beer without the large volume of a Half Barrel Keg. Holding about 7.75 gallons of beer, equivalent to 62 pints or 82 cans, this compact keg option is perfect for homebrewing and smaller events.

The Quarter Barrel Keg, with its dimensions of approximately 13⅞ inches in diameter and 16⅛ inches in height, offers a manageable size without compromising on beer capacity. Whether you're hosting a cozy gathering or a small celebration, this keg size provides around 62 pints of craft beer, catering well to various occasions.

Its convenience and moderate quantity make it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy craft beer without committing to a larger keg. Embrace the Quarter Barrel Keg for a seamless and enjoyable beer experience at your next event.

Slim Quarter Keg Size

The Slim Quarter Keg Size offers a space-efficient and versatile option for those seeking a slightly taller and slimmer alternative to the Quarter Barrel Keg.

Here are some key points about the Slim Quarter Keg:

  1. Capacity: The Slim Quarter Keg has a capacity of 7.75 gallons, making it perfect for small to medium gatherings.
  2. Dimensions: With dimensions of 23⅜ inches in height and 11⅛ inches in diameter, this keg is designed to be space-efficient, fitting well in limited space areas.
  3. Servings: This keg size can hold approximately 62 pints of beer or 82 cans/bottles, ensuring there are plenty of servings for your guests to enjoy.
  4. Weight: Weighing around 30 pounds, the Slim Quarter Keg is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a convenient choice for various events.

The Slim Quarter Keg is a great option for those looking for a keg that balances capacity, space efficiency, and ease of handling.

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Beer Keg Sizes and Dimensions Chart

Explore the diverse range of beer keg sizes and dimensions with our comprehensive chart. Whether you're looking for a Corny keg for a smaller gathering or a Half Barrel Keg for a big party, understanding the dimensions is key to planning your draft beer setup. Below is a breakdown of some common beer keg sizes:

Beer Keg SizesCapacity (Gallons)Height (inches)Diameter (inches)
Corny Kegs5239
Quarter Barrel Kegs7.7516⅛13⅞
Slim Quarter Kegs7.7523⅜11⅛
Half Barrel Kegs15.516⅛23⅜

Understanding the dimensions of these standard kegs, like the Full Size Keg or the Quarter Barrel Keg, ensures that you can confidently set up your draft beer system for any occasion. Whether it's a backyard barbecue or a lively event, knowing your beer keg sizes will help you pour the perfect pint every time.

Beer Keg Sizes in the US

As you navigate the world of craft beer, understanding the diverse keg sizes available in the US is crucial for tailoring your draft beer experience to suit any occasion. Craft brewers in the US offer a range of keg sizes, including the Sixth Barrel, Quarter Barrel, and the Half Barrel Keg.

Here are some key points about beer keg sizes in the US:

  1. Sixth Barrel Keg: This keg size holds approximately 5.16 gallons of beer, equivalent to about 42 pints or 55 twelve-ounce servings of your favorite craft brew.
  2. Quarter Barrel Keg: With a capacity of around 7.75 gallons, this keg can serve about 62 pints or 82 twelve-ounce servings, making it ideal for smaller gatherings or events.
  3. Half Barrel Keg: The Half Barrel Keg, holding about 15.5 gallons, is a common choice among craft beer enthusiasts, offering approximately 124 pints or 165 twelve-ounce servings for larger parties or venues.
  4. Versatile Options: These keg sizes cater to various establishments and events, ensuring that you can always find the perfect amount of craft beer to satisfy your guests and enhance any celebration.

Beer Keg Sizes in Canada

When delving into the world of craft beer in Canada, acquaint yourself with the diverse array of beer keg sizes available to enhance your drinking experience. Canadian beer keg sizes cater to various needs, from personal use to large establishments. Below is a table highlighting some common Canadian beer keg sizes:

Keg SizeCapacityBest For
Sixth Barrel5.16 gallonsSmaller events or personal use
Half Barrel15.5 gallonsEstablishments with high beer consumption
Quarter Barrel7.75 gallonsHomebrewing or smaller gatherings

Canadian beer keg sizes also include the 50 Liter Keg and 30 Liter Keg options, providing versatility for different volume requirements. Whether you are looking to brew your own beer at home or supply a bustling establishment, understanding the range of keg sizes available in Canada is essential for ensuring you have the right amount of craft beer on tap.

European Beer Keg Sizes

Discover the diverse selection of European beer keg sizes tailored to meet a range of serving needs and preferences.

In Europe, beer culture is rich and varied, with kegs coming in sizes like the 20 Liter, 30 Liter, and 50 Liter to cater to different occasions and establishments. These kegs, such as the 11 Gallon and 22 Gallon options, offer specific volumes to meet varying beer consumption demands.

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The 50 Liter keg, equivalent to approximately 13.2 gallons, is ideal for larger events or venues where a substantial amount of beer is needed. On the other hand, kegs like the 30 Liter provide a mid-range option suitable for various settings and serving requirements.

European beer keg sizes may slightly differ from US and Canadian standards, showcasing the importance of accommodating regional preferences and traditions in the beer industry. Embrace the uniqueness of European beer keg sizes to elevate your drinking experience and celebrate the rich history of brewing traditions.

Keg Sizes and Types

Craft beer enthusiasts can choose from a variety of keg sizes and types to suit their preferences and serving needs. From the convenient Cornelius kegs, perfect for homebrewing with a 5-gallon capacity, to the slightly larger Sixth Barrel kegs holding 5.16 gallons, there are options for every occasion.

Bars and restaurants often opt for Quarter Barrel kegs, which can contain 7.75 gallons of delicious craft beer. For high beer consumption establishments, the Half Barrel keg is a popular choice, with its massive 15.5-gallon capacity.

These different sizes of kegs cater to various settings and events, ensuring that there's always a keg size suitable for your requirements. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large party, understanding the types of kegs available can help you select the perfect one to keep the beer flowing and the good times rolling.

How Many Beers In A Keg?

Delve into the exciting world of kegs and discover just how many beers each size can hold. Here's a breakdown to help you understand the amount of beer you can expect from different keg sizes:

  1. A standard half barrel keg contains approximately 124 pints or 165 cans of beer.
  2. A quarter barrel keg typically holds around 62 pints or 82 cans of beer.
  3. A sixth barrel keg usually has about 105 pints or 140 cans of beer.
  4. A slim quarter keg holds a similar amount to a quarter barrel keg, around 62 pints or 82 cans.

Whether you're hosting a big party, stocking up for a gathering, or just looking to enjoy some draft beer at home, knowing the capacity of each keg size can help you plan accordingly.

From the standard half barrel to the smaller Cornelius keg, there's a size to suit every occasion. Enjoy your favorite brew in the perfect amount with the right keg size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kegs Do Breweries Use?

When breweries choose kegs, they consider keg sizes for brewing, taproom options, and distribution challenges. Barrel aging impacts craft beer trends. Microbreweries innovate with various kegging equipment to meet industry demands effectively.

How Big Is a Commercial Beer Keg?

When you wonder about the size of a commercial beer keg, think of the Sixth Barrel with 5.16 gallons, Quarter Barrel at 7.75 gallons, and Half Barrel at 15.5 gallons. These kegs cater to various beer needs.

How Many Beers in a Craft Keg?

Want to impress your guests with craft beer? A craft keg can serve various sizes: from 40 pints in a Cornelius keg to 124 pints in a half barrel. Explore different draft options and learn the tapping process for optimal freshness.

What Is a Small Keg Called?

Looking for a small keg? A mini keg is just what you need! These portable kegs are perfect for home use and small gatherings. They work with party taps and kegerator options for easy beer dispensing.