Where Can I Buy Craft Beer in Charlotte Nc?

If you're in Charlotte, NC and on the hunt for craft beer, you're in luck. There are numerous spots around the city where you can find a diverse selection of local and international brews. Whether you're in the mood for a cozy coffee shop vibe with a side of craft beer or a bustling beer bar known for its excellent service, Charlotte has you covered.

But where are the best places to find these unique and flavorful craft beers? Stick around to discover the top spots in Charlotte to satisfy your craft beer cravings.

Key Takeaways

  • Salud Beer Shop, Good Beer Co., The Hop Shop, and Brawleys Beverage are popular craft beer shops in Charlotte, NC, known for their extensive beer selections and knowledgeable staff.
  • These craft beer shops also offer craft beer to-go, providing customers with the option to enjoy their favorite brews at home.
  • Charlotte hosts community events such as the Charlotte Beer Festival, beer release parties, brewery tours, craft beer tastings, and beer and food pairing events, offering opportunities for beer enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the local beer scene.
  • In addition to local breweries like Salud Cerveceria and Unknown Brewing Company, there are various other breweries in Charlotte that release new and limited edition beers, including seasonal offerings.

Local Craft Beer Stores

If you're looking for local craft beer stores in Charlotte, NC, you'll find a variety of options to explore and enjoy. The Queen City is bustling with an array of bottle shops where you can discover the best craft beer selections.

In the trendy South End neighborhood, you can visit popular spots like Salud Beer Shop and The Hop Shop, known for their curated collection of the best craft beer. If you venture into neighborhoods like Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, and NoDa, you'll come across gems like First Ward Beverage Co., offering a diverse range of craft beers to satisfy your palate.

These local craft beer stores not only cater to your beer needs but also provide a welcoming atmosphere where you can engage with fellow beer enthusiasts. Additionally, the website provides insights into different Charlotte neighborhoods, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the best craft beer spots.

Whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur or just exploring the world of craft beer, these bottle shops in the Queen City guarantee a delightful experience as you seek out the best craft beer Charlotte has to offer.

Charlotte Brewery Taprooms

Exploring beyond the local craft beer stores, you can now discover an array of Charlotte brewery taprooms offering unique and flavorful experiences. Charlotte boasts some of the best places for craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of locally brewed beers. Below are some of the top Charlotte brewery taprooms where you can immerse yourself in the local beer scene and savor exceptional brews.

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Brewery TaproomLocationNotable Beers
Wooden Robot BrewerySouth EndGood Morning Vietnam, What He's Having IPA, Overachiever Pale Ale
NoDa Brewing CompanyNoDaHop, Drop 'n Roll IPA, Coco Loco Porter, Jam Session Pale Ale
Birdsong Brewing Co.BelmontHigher Ground IPA, Lazy Bird Brown Ale, Paradise City Session IPA
Sycamore BrewingSouth EndCountryside IPA, Southern Girl Lager, Rainbow Dust IPA

Visiting these taprooms will not only provide you with access to some of the finest craft beers in Charlotte but also give you a glimpse into the local brewery culture. Each taproom has its own ambiance and specialties, making them some of the best places to experience the Charlotte craft beer scene.

Specialty Bottle Shops

You can find a variety of specialty bottle shops in Charlotte, NC, offering a diverse selection of local and international craft beers. These specialty bottle shops are known for providing some of the best craft beer options in the city.

Here are some of the best specialty bottle shops in Charlotte:

  1. Salud Beer Shop: Located at 3306 N Davidson St, Salud Beer Shop offers a selection of locally made beer and international offerings from Belgium, Italy, and Germany.
  2. Good Beer Co.: Situated at 125 Remount Rd, Good Beer Co. has been recognized as one of the best beer bars in Charlotte. It offers a comfortable atmosphere with the option of pizza and beer available to go.
  3. The Hop Shop: This establishment at 818 Lamar Ave combines a coffee shop, beer bar, and bottle shop, providing an intimate atmosphere with exciting cans, bottles, and carefully curated taps.
  4. Brawleys Beverage: Known for its solid beer selection and excellent service, Brawleys Beverage at 4620 Park Rd offers a variety of rare gems in their extensive bottle selection.

These specialty bottle shops not only offer a wide range of craft beers but also provide unique and inviting atmospheres for beer enthusiasts to explore.

Farmers' Markets and Festivals

Visiting a local Farmers' Market or festival in Charlotte, NC offers a vibrant experience filled with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and community spirit. Farmers' Markets in Charlotte are brimming with a diverse array of high-quality, seasonal products sourced directly from nearby farms and vendors. Beyond fresh fruits and vegetables, you can explore locally made crafts, baked goods, and even artisanal beverages. These markets often feature live music, food trucks, and family-friendly activities, creating an inviting and lively atmosphere for all visitors. It's a fantastic way to support local farmers and artisans while immersing yourself in the local community.

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In addition to Farmers' Markets, Charlotte hosts various festivals throughout the year, celebrating the region's agricultural heritage, culinary delights, and the talents of local artists and craftspeople. These festivals provide an excellent opportunity to sample unique foods, discover handcrafted items, and enjoy live entertainment amidst a backdrop of community spirit. Whether you're looking for fresh produce, artisanal goods, or simply a vibrant community experience, exploring the farmers' markets and festivals in Charlotte is a delightful way to engage with the local culture and support the community.

Grocery Stores With Craft Beer Selection

First, explore the diverse craft beer selections available at grocery stores in Charlotte, including First Ward Beverage Co., Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, NoDa, and Harbor House.

When looking for grocery stores with craft beer selections in Charlotte, you'll find that these neighborhoods offer a variety of options:

  1. Madison Park
  2. South End
  3. Sedgefield
  4. Rain Tree
  5. Wilmore

These neighborhoods are home to grocery stores that cater to craft beer enthusiasts.

Additionally, don't forget to check out specific grocery stores known for their craft beer selections, such as Salud Beer Shop, Good Beer Co., The Hop Shop, Brawleys Beverage, and Pop the Top. Many of these stores offer an extensive range of craft beers from over 300 breweries in the Carolinas.

These breweries provide a wide variety of beer styles, and you can find their selections available in numerous grocery stores throughout Charlotte.

Whether you're in search of local favorites or beers from renowned breweries, the grocery stores in Charlotte have something for every craft beer aficionado.

Online Craft Beer Retailers

When exploring online craft beer retailers, you can discover a wide array of craft beers from breweries across the country. These retailers offer a convenient way to explore and purchase a diverse selection of craft beers from the comfort of your home. They often provide detailed descriptions of the beers, including flavor profiles and brewing methods, allowing you to make informed choices. Additionally, some online craft beer retailers offer subscription services for curated beer selections delivered regularly, making it easier for you to explore new and exciting brews. Many of these retailers also provide customer reviews and ratings for individual beers, helping you to gauge the quality and taste of the products. Moreover, some online retailers also offer merchandise, glassware, and accessories related to craft beer, allowing you to enhance your drinking experience. Below is a table showcasing a few online craft beer retailers to help you get started:

Online RetailerDescriptionNotable Feature
TavourCurated selection of rare and hard-to-find beersSubscription service
CraftShackWide variety of craft beers from across the USInternational shipping
The Beer ConnectEmphasis on supporting small, independent breweriesMerchandise available
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Restaurants and Bars Offering Craft Beer To-Go

You can find a variety of restaurants and bars in Charlotte, NC that offer craft beer to-go, allowing you to enjoy your favorite brews at home. Here are some top spots where you can grab craft beer to-go:

  1. Salud Beer Shop: Located at 3306 N Davidson St, this shop offers a selection of locally made and international craft beer, including offerings from Belgium, Italy, and Germany.
  2. Good Beer Co.: Found at 125 Remount Rd, this establishment has been named one of the best beer bars in Charlotte. It offers a comfortable atmosphere, serves pizza and beer, and provides bottles and cans available to go.
  3. The Hop Shop: Situated at 818 Lamar Ave, The Hop Shop presents an intimate and cozy atmosphere. It combines a coffee shop, beer bar, and bottle shop, offering a selection of exciting cans and bottles from various breweries, along with 12 carefully curated taps.
  4. Brawleys Beverage: Highly regarded for its solid beer selection, excellent service, and knowledgeable staff, Brawleys Beverage at 4620 Park Rd offers an extensive bottle selection with a variety of rare gems.

These restaurants and bars offering craft beer to-go provide a convenient way to enjoy a wide range of craft beer options in the comfort of your own home.

Community Events and Beer Releases

After exploring the convenient options to take craft beer home from local establishments, it's time to shift the focus towards community events and the latest beer releases in Charlotte, NC. Stay updated on the vibrant craft beer scene in Charlotte by attending community events and staying informed about the newest beer releases from local breweries. Here are some upcoming community events and recent beer releases to check out:

Charlotte Beer FestivalUptown CharlotteMarch 20
Beer Release PartySalud CerveceriaApril 5
Brewery TourVarious local breweriesApril 10

Charlotte has a thriving craft beer community that regularly hosts events such as beer festivals, release parties, and brewery tours. Keep an eye out for upcoming events in Uptown Charlotte and at local breweries like Salud Cerveceria. Be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Charlotte Beer Festival on March 20, and don't miss the Beer Release Party at Salud Cerveceria on April 5. Additionally, immerse yourself in the local beer culture by joining a brewery tour on April 10 to explore various local breweries and sample their latest releases. Stay connected and engaged with the Charlotte community through these exciting events and beer releases.