Where Can I Buy Craft Beer in Myrtle Beach?

Journey through Myrtle Beach's craft beer scene for a taste of local treasures - a sip of the unexpected awaits.

If you find yourself wandering the sun-kissed streets of Myrtle Beach, curious about where to procure some carefully crafted brews, there's a trove of options awaiting your discerning palate.

Venture beyond the ordinary and explore a world where hops meet artistry, where each sip tells a story.

As you navigate the landscape of coastal flavors, discover hidden gems that promise to elevate your beer experience to new heights.

Key Takeaways

  • Myrtle Beach offers a variety of breweries with unique flavors and styles.
  • Craft beer bars in Myrtle Beach showcase local and regional brews with tasting flights.
  • Specialty beer shops like Greens and Fresh Market offer diverse craft beer selections.
  • Convenient beer delivery services are available with no minimum order required for local establishments.

Breweries in Myrtle Beach

With a vibrant craft beer scene, Myrtle Beach boasts several top-notch breweries that cater to beer enthusiasts of all tastes and preferences. Myrtle Beach Beer is a hub for craft beer lovers, offering a diverse range of flavors and styles to explore.

New South Brewery is a must-visit, known for its New South White Ale, a refreshing American take on a Belgian wheat ale with a delightful citrus finish.

Crooked Hammock Brewery is another gem, featuring the Hammock Light Lager and the South to Somewhere Golden Ale, both unique brews that will satisfy your craving for something smooth and golden.

Tidal Creek Brewhouse stands out with its Pollywog Porter, a rich and chocolatey beer that's perfect for those who enjoy robust flavors.

Grand Strand Brewing Company, with its Wingtip Pilsner, pays homage to local fisherman with a light and crisp pilsner that's ideal for a hot day at the beach.

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Lastly, Independent Republic Brewing Co. offers the Water Malone American Wheat, an innovative beer infused with fresh watermelon, providing a refreshing and flavorful experience.

Myrtle Beach's breweries truly have something for every craft beer enthusiast.

Craft Beer Bars

Craft beer bars in Myrtle Beach showcase an eclectic array of local and regional craft beers, providing a vibrant and diverse beer-drinking experience for enthusiasts like you. These bars offer a unique opportunity to explore a wide selection of craft beers, from familiar favorites to hidden gems waiting to be discovered. You can indulge in tasting flights, allowing you to sample a variety of brews to find your perfect match. Whether you prefer hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or crisp lagers, the craft beer bars in Myrtle Beach have something to satisfy every palate.

In addition to the impressive beer selection, these bars often host special events like tap takeovers and beer release parties, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere for beer lovers. The knowledgeable staff members are passionate about craft beer and are always ready to recommend new and exciting brews based on your preferences. So, grab a pint, enjoy the vibrant ambiance, and immerse yourself in the thriving craft beer scene of Myrtle Beach at one of these fantastic craft beer bars.

Specialty Beer Shops

For the avid craft beer enthusiast seeking a diverse selection of specialty brews, Myrtle Beach boasts several specialty beer shops that cater to your unique tastes and preferences. Greens at 2850 N. Kings Hwy is a highly recommended spot known for its excellent craft beer selection, offering a variety that will surely satisfy your palate.

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If you find yourself at the north end of Myrtle Beach, make sure to check out The Fresh Market, where you can discover an amazing array of craft beers alongside food and wine options. Lowes Foods is another standout option, famous for its great craft beer selection and featuring a Beer Den for convenient growler purchases.

Surfside Piggly Wiggly is a suggested alternative for craft beer shopping in Myrtle Beach, offering a different but equally appealing selection. Additionally, locations like DiCarlos Pizza and the Walmart Neighborhood Market area are also mentioned as places where you can find quality craft beer in Myrtle Beach.

With these specialty beer shops, the craft beer scene in Myrtle Beach is vibrant and ready for you to explore.

Local Markets Offering Craft Beer

Discovering local markets in Myrtle Beach that offer a diverse selection of craft beer is like embarking on a flavorful journey through the heart of the city's vibrant beer scene.

When it comes to satisfying your craft beer cravings, Greens at 2850 N. Kings Hwy is a top recommendation, known for its excellent craft beer selection.

If you find yourself at the north end of Myrtle Beach, make sure to check out The Fresh Market, where you'll be delighted by the amazing variety of craft beer options available.

Another great option is Lowes Foods in Myrtle Beach, which not only features a great craft beer selection but also offers a Beer Den for growler purchases, adding a unique touch to your shopping experience.

While Piggly Wiggly at Market Common may have closed, surfers can still catch a wave of craft beer goodness at Surfside Piggly Wiggly, serving as a fantastic alternative for those looking to purchase craft beer in Myrtle Beach.

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Enjoy exploring these local markets and discovering the perfect craft beer to suit your taste preferences in Myrtle Beach.

Beer Delivery Services

Embark on a convenient and satisfying journey through Myrtle Beach's vibrant beer scene by exploring the beer delivery services available at various locations in the city.

Enjoy the ease of FREE delivery to restaurants and bars in Myrtle Beach, with services operating six days a week and no minimum order required. Competitive pricing adds to the appeal, ensuring you get a great deal on a wide selection of inventory available for delivery.

Arrange for delivery at Beach Discount Beverages, Surf Beverage, or Pawleys Wine & Spirits locations, with Beach Discount Beverages specifically offering delivery from their Myrtle Beach location at 2204 North Kings Hwy.

Whether you're stocking up for a beach day or hosting a gathering, these delivery services in Myrtle Beach make acquiring your favorite craft beers a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of transportation and hello to the convenience of having your brews brought straight to your doorstep in Myrtle Beach.