Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Oktoberfest Kit Review

Today, I want to share my experience with the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit – 5 Gallon. As a beer enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting brews to try at home. This kit caught my attention with its unique name and promising flavors. So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this kit!

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Great looking labels included: The kit comes with eye-catching labels that add a professional touch to your finished product. It’s always fun to have attractive labels to show off to your friends!
  2. Big malt character and light bitterness: The combination of flavors in this Extra Oktoberfest recipe is fantastic. The malt character really shines through, creating a rich and satisfying taste, while the light bitterness adds a nice balance.
  3. Easy to follow instructions: As someone with intermediate brewing skills, I found the instructions clear and straightforward to follow. Even if you’re new to homebrewing, you’ll feel confident tackling this kit.
  4. Versatility for experimentation: While the kit is great on its own, it also provides a solid base for experimentation. Adding different yeast strains or additional ingredients, like I did with wine yeast and dark sugar crystals, can result in unique and personalized brews.
  5. Positive past experiences: I’ve used other kits from this company before and have always been pleased with the outcome. Their attention to detail and quality ingredients give me confidence in their products.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Limited bitterness range: The kit’s IBUs of 15 – 20 might be too low for some hop lovers. If you prefer brews with a stronger bitter hop presence, this may not be the ideal choice.
  2. Lack of alcohol included: It’s worth noting that the kit only contains the ingredients necessary to make the beer, but it does not include alcohol itself. You’ll need to provide your own alcohol source.

Quick Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed brewing the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest. The kit provided everything I needed, from clear instructions to beautiful labels. The big malt character and balanced bitterness created a delicious Oktoberfest brew, and I appreciated the opportunity for experimentation. If you’re looking to try your hand at brewing an extraordinary Oktoberfest beer, I highly recommend giving this kit a go. Cheers!

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You can find the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit – 5 Gallon here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit – 5 Gallon from Amazon. Being a beer enthusiast, I was excited to try out this kit and brew my own Oktoberfest beer at home. The delivery was quite fast, taking only a couple of days to arrive at my doorstep.

Upon unboxing the kit, I found everything neatly packed and organized. The box included all the necessary ingredients and equipment needed to brew my beer. It contained a mix of specialty grains, malt syrup, hops, yeast, priming sugar, and even bottle caps. As I inspected further, I also found a detailed recipe card with step-by-step instructions on how to brew the perfect Oktoberfest beer.


The Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit is manufactured by Brewer’s Best. It has product dimensions of 13 x 7 x 6 inches and weighs approximately 12 pounds. This kit is specifically designed to brew 5 gallons of beer, perfect for a small gathering or personal enjoyment. It offers a unique blend of ingredients and flavors to create a delicious Oktoberfest brew.

Documentation/ User Guide

The included user guide proved to be incredibly helpful throughout the brewing process. It provided detailed instructions on how to use each ingredient and equipment correctly. The guide also explained the different stages of brewing, from mashing to fermentation and bottling. It even included helpful tips and tricks for achieving the best results. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

5 Gallon Beer Ingredient Kit

The Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit is designed to brew 5 gallons of beer, providing you with everything you need to create your own Oktoberfest-style brew. This kit includes all the necessary ingredients, such as malt, hops, and yeast, as well as detailed instructions to help you through the brewing process. With this kit, you can easily make a large batch of delicious beer to share with friends and family.

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Great looking labels included

In addition to the high-quality ingredients, the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit also includes great looking labels to add a personalized touch to your beer bottles. These labels feature a spooky zombie-themed design that adds a fun and unique element to your brewing experience. Whether you’re brewing for a Halloween party or just want to impress your friends, these labels will make your beer bottles stand out.

Big malt character and light bitterness

The key to a great Oktoberfest beer is the perfect balance between maltiness and bitterness, and the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit achieves just that. This recipe is designed to create a beer with a big malt character, giving it a rich and full-bodied flavor. At the same time, the light bitterness helps to balance out the sweetness of the malt, resulting in a well-rounded and delicious brew that is true to the Oktoberfest style.

Difficulty: Intermediate, IBUs: 15 – 20

The Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit is rated as intermediate difficulty, making it a great option for homebrewers with some experience under their belt. The kit provides clear and concise instructions, allowing you to confidently navigate the brewing process. With an IBU (International Bitterness Units) range of 15 to 20, this beer has a mild bitterness that is approachable and enjoyable for a wide range of beer drinkers.

Ingredient Kit only does not contain alcohol

It is important to note that the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit does not contain alcohol. This kit provides you with all the necessary ingredients to brew the beer, but it does not include any alcohol itself. You will need to follow the brewing process and allow the fermentation to occur in order to create the alcoholic content of the beer. This ensures that you have full control over the alcohol levels of your final brew.

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Our Review, Score and More

Our Score: 93.0

I recently tried the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As an experienced homebrewer, I have used many kits from this company, and this one is among the best. The kit comes with everything you need to make a 5 gallon batch of delicious Extra Oktoberfest beer.

One of the things that stood out to me about this kit is the attention to detail. The labels included in the kit are great looking and really add to the overall presentation of the final product. The beer itself has a big malt character and a light bitterness, creating a well-balanced and tasty brew. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow, ensuring a successful outcome.

What makes this kit even better is its versatility. While the base recipe is fantastic on its own, I have used this kit as a starting point to create my own unique variations. For example, I added wine yeast, additional Belgium dark sugar crystals, and vanilla bean to the mix, giving the beer a unique twist. The possibilities are endless with this kit, allowing you to get creative and experiment with different flavors.

If you’re an intermediate homebrewer looking for a high-quality Oktoberfest beer kit, I highly recommend the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit. With its great taste, easy-to-follow instructions, and the ability to customize your brew, it provides a fantastic brewing experience. Don’t miss out on this kit, give it a try and impress your friends with your brewing skills!

You can find the Brewer’s Best Zombiefest Extra Oktoberfest Ingredient Kit on Amazon.